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All you need is an Apple watch and iOS device. Subscribe to either monthly or yearly plans. No registration required. Cancel anytime.

Powered by AI

Pre-trained artificial neural networks are utilized in the REM detection strategy. The application will monitor your vitals as you sleep and alert you when you are dreaming.


We have exposed the 'guts' of machine learning so that you can determine what works for you. Adjust thresholds, alarm durations, sessions, and haptics.

Privacy first

Health data stays on your device and is never transmitted to external services. No personal information is collected - ever.

How it works

Sync your iOS device and watch. Press start. Go to sleep.

Lucidly will collect various health readings while you are sleeping via the watch. The readings are evaluated real time using artificial intelligence to determine when you have entered Rapid Eye Movement (REM) of your sleep cycle. When REM is detected, the watch will alert you by triggering haptic (vibrations and or acoustic) signals.

The application can be used in combination with WILD, WBTB, DEILD, and other lucid dreaming induction techniques.

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Lucidly - REM detection and haptic signaling for lucid dreaming  | Product Hunt

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